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Centrex Italia S.p.A  focuses mainly on the development and utilization of energy and gas production facilities, the strategic formation of electricity and natural gas supply contracts as well as the creation of distribution structures, the trading and distribution of oil and natural gas products, purchase and disposal of electricity and natural gas supply contracts, the transport of natural gas or the conclusion governing its transportation, the administration, distribution, delivery, purchase and disposal or storage of natural gas.  

Administrative Board
- Massimo Nicolazzi, Chairman >>
- Michele Libutti, Managing Director
- Andrey Naumkin, Member of the Administrative Board

Supervisory Board
Giacomo Pomati – President
- Antonella Manera
- Schiavi Mariapia

Centrex Italia S.p.A is registered in the commercial register of Milan ("Registro delle Imprese di Milano") under number ("REA") 1835547; Tax and registration number: IT05630590965.
Via Lorenzini 4, Milan 20139 Italy

Centrex Italia S.p.A č stata costituita per sviluppare le attivitā di produzione, importazione e vendita di gas naturale, energia elettrica e prodotti petroliferi.
La societā č attiva dal 1° ottobre 2008 nell’importazione, vendita e trading di gas naturale.

Consiglio di Amministrazione
- Massimo Nicolazzi, Presidente
- Michele Libutti, Amministratore Delegato
- Andrey Naumkin, Consigliere

collegio sindacale
- Sig. Giacomo Pomati – President
- Sig.ra Antonella Manera
- Sig.ra Schiavi Mariapia

Centrex Italia S.p.A č registrata presso il “Registro delle Imprese di Milano" REA n° 1835547.
Via Lorenzini 4, Milan 20139 Italy
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