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Gas Project Development Central Asia AG (GPD)
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Gas Project Development Central Asia AG (GPD) is a joint venture of Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG and Gazprom Germania GmbH, Berlin (Germany). The company focusses on the development and financing of Central Asian natural gas extraction projects and on the marketing of natural gas output in export markets. Gas Project Development Central Asia AG (GPD) has a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) with the Uzbek national holding company, Uzbekneftegaz, and a consortium of Russian provider ZAO Zarubezhneftegaz for natural gas production in Shakhpakhty, Uzbekistan. It also holds a 25% stake in the Uzbek company "Kokdumalakgaz".

- Bakhtiyor Fazilov, CEO

Board of Directors (effective since February 2017)
- Artur Matthias Warnig, Chairman
- Sergey Shchurov
- Igor Portnyagin
- Bakhtiyor Fazilov
- Alexey Dyachkov
- Dr. Robert Martin Furter
- Oliver Bach
- Yury Orlov

* - Centrex executed the Share Purchase Agreement in December 2017 and is planning to transfer its 50% share in May 2018.

Ownership structure
- 50% Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG, Vienna
- 50% Gazprom Germania GmbH, Berlin

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